"Growing Quality Grapes is all about the Vineyard Balance. "

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About Nick

Nick has been in the Wine Industry since he left school in 1985. Through this time he has covered all facets of vineyard practices from soils to development to harvesting. He comes from a practical aspect in managing vineyards. He started as a vineyard worker and progressed through to Vineyard Management.

In 1995 he came back from a stint in Bannockburn, Central Otago and had 7 years as a Technical Field Rep for Pyne Gould Guiness Ltd in Blenheim. This involved providing vineyard clients with anything from chemicals to merchandise to viticulture advice.

The Company

Nick Winter Vineyard Consultancy & Contract Management is here to provide advice and management to get the best outcome for your vineyard. With over 30 years in the Wine Industry, Nick has built up the knowledge and experience to be able to manage your vineyard to a very high standard.

Whether it be full management, part management or if you just want some sound practical Viticulture advice, Nick can come and talk with you to assess your requirements and needs. There is never one season the same. Vineyard management needs to be flexible.
Some of our company philosophies are: …

What We Do

Complete or Part Vineyard Management. Are you an owner that needs someone to run your vineyard?
Soil Testing. If you don’t measure it, you cannot manage it.
Vine Health / Nutrition
Herbicide & Fungicide Spray Programs.
Pest & Disease Management. Regular monitoring is part of a successful pest and disease prevention program.
Canopy Management.  Crop Management. Shoot thinning, fruit thinning, yield assessments
Spray Diaries. All wineries will require spray diaries to be submitted prior to harvest.