About Nick

Nick has been in the Wine Industry since he left school in 1985. Through this time he has covered all facets of vineyard practices from soils to development to harvesting. He comes from a practical aspect in managing vineyards. He started as a vineyard worker and progressed through to Vineyard Management.

In 1995 he came back from a stint in Bannockburn, Central Otago and had 7 years as a Technical Field Rep for Pyne Gould Guiness Ltd in Blenheim. This involved providing vineyard clients with anything from chemicals to merchandise to viticulture advice.

More recently Nick spent 11 years as a Viticulturist for a category three winery overseeing 250 Ha of company vineyards as well 42 contract growers that encompassed approximately 300 Ha. He has a simple philosophy, if you look after the soil from a Nutrition as well as a Biological aspect, then the vines that you grow will look after you.